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The sounds of Purple Tone bring creative vision to life. Expect professional service and get results. Find or design the right music for commercials, video production, trailers, television, film projects, artist albums, etc. Complete your creative project with a blend of orchestral instrumentation and EDM sound design. We'll produce anything you need, whether you're looking for a completed track, studio services, or an original custom composition. Need it fast? Contact us today!

Orchestral EDM blog by Eric Baum electronic dance music

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  • Music Licensing

    Live Music DJ combo

    Find the perfect sound. Combining classical training with cutting-edge technology, anything is possible.

    Original Music
  • Studio Services

    Live Music DJ combo

    Recording, Tracking, Mixing Need drum tracks? A bass line? A xylophone? We got it covered no matter where you are.

    Music Services
  • DJ Entertainment

    Live Music DJ combo

    NOT a "press play" experience Interactive, live mixing DJ experience fused with live instrument performances.

    Live Entertainment
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